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BearCozy is a partnership between Duncan Anderson and Emmett Yang located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


In July 2013, Duncan was involved in a cross country mountain bike event where all participants were required to carry bear spray.  A brief web search yielded no viable solutions for efficiently and safely carrying this item.

Duncan then started experimenting with ways to carry the bear spray canister on his mountain bike frame.  He altered a water bottle to securely house the canister and stuck it into the water bottle cage - the BearCozy concept was born!   

Emmett quickly saw the vision and, more importantly, understood the manufacturing and logistics required to make the BearCozy a commercially viable reality.


BearCozy strives to design and market the most affordable product to safely and conveniently carry bear spray on a bicycle.


There is a popular school of thought that states that bear spray should be carried on a rider’s body in the case that they become separated from their bike; however, riders often resist the inconvenience of strapping bear spray to their bodies with various forms of holsters.  At BearCozy, we believe that its “Better to carry it on your bike, than not at all”.


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